Primary Hatches of East Coast

It’s time to start thinking about getting out on the stream. We’ll be stocking rainbow, brook and some golden trout in mid-March in anticipation of our opening on April 1st. Many fishermen ask for some fly recommendations so I’ll start with the mayfly listed by common name.

Blue Quill March/April afternoon Size #16-#18
Quill Gordon March/April afternoon Size #12-#14
Hendrickson April/May Size #12-#14
March Brown April/May afternoon Size #12-#14
Light Cahill May/ June late afternoon Size #12-#14
Sulphur May/June late afternoon Size #16-#18
Blue Wing Olive April/October Size #16-#18
Green Drake May/June Size #8-#12

All of the above mayflies have corresponding nymph flies in the same sizes. Some attractor patterns which are effective substitutes are the Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear, Pheasant Tail, and the Squirrel Nymph. Let me know some of your favorites so I can spread the word.

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  1. greg russell says:


    we’ll be staying with you –for the first time–May 28th & 29th. We plan to do some fly fishing and I was wondering if we should plan on only small mouth or will the water still be cool enough to support the stocked trout. We are pretty much catch & release people.

    Thank you,

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