Swimming Holes

Cowpasture River at Fort Lewis LodgeIn the decades before the concrete, water-filled holes in the ground we now call swimming pools, there was such a thing called a “swimming hole.” And yes, believe it or not, there are still many of these natural swimming pools around – including right here at Fort Lewis Lodge.

What makes them special? You’re in touch with nature. The natural water rejuvenating your skin and senses. The peacefulness. Want to throw on some waders? They can also be good spots for fly-fishing.

What exactly is a swimming hole?

By definition, it’s a spot in a river, stream, creek or spring that’s large enough for a person to swim in.

The swimming hole at Fort Lewis Lodge, just down the path from Caryl’s infamous kitchen and John’s Buck’s Bar, is stocked with floats, chairs to sit and enjoy the surroundings, a swim platform and all the nature you can soak in.

On certain days, the water glows a soft green, blending in with its mountain surroundings.

If you’re visiting from an urban area, our mountain Cowpasture River swimming hole is a spot on the property not to be missed. When you’re done there, and want to try another swimming excursion in our region, head up to Hot Springs just over the mountain and hop in the Jefferson Pools.

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