Escalloped Apples

IMG_0156A warm and savory apple dish thats recently been popular at our table on these cool April nights. What’s nice about this recipe is its versatility. Not too sweet to be served during dinner, but sweet enough to be used as a dessert. Most often we serve escalloped apples inourdinner buffet but don’t be shy about adding whip cream and serving with  cup of coffee.


6 Apples

¼ Cup Water

1 Tbs Lemon Juice

¼ Tsp Cinnamon

1/3 Cup Butter

¼ Cup Flour

¾ Cup Brown Sugar

For this recipe we used Red Delicious apples, but feel free to use sweet or sour varieties at home according to taste



Pare and quarter 6 large apples.




IMG_0090Place apple Slices in a buttered casserole dish, sprinkle with cinnamon,
add water and lemon juice





Separately blend butter blow and brown sugar until crumbly.






Sprinkle butter mixture evenly over apple slices





Bake for 20 minutes until golden brown.

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One Response to Escalloped Apples

  1. Helen Gee says:

    I’m getting ready to pop this in the oven. I’m thinking the oven temp would be 350 degrees or is it higher. We will eat this with pork tenderloin per Caryl’s marinade.

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