March Flyfishing outlook by John Roberts

March Outlook- This is crank up month for flyfishing especially toward the end as water temps warm up to favorable water temps for aquatic insects to start hatching. Greater insect presence always affects trout behavior as they become more active. We usually get a few days with air temps in the mid 50’s to mid 60’s . Beaded nymphs and streamers still carry the load as far as fish takes but this month we are always on the lookout for hatching aquatic insects including midges, BWOs , winter stoneflies and caddis to imitate. Getting off the beaten trail after waters clear from heavy rain events can produce some nice holdover trout in the Special Reg areas. The Category A streams get 2 stockings this month. Lots of these fish have acclimated well and their colors are many times very stunning this time of year. The state of Virginia has stocked last month or will stock most of the Special Reg areas this month. This is one of the big stocking months for the put-n-take waters also. Watch yourself overhead on any of the windy days for any dead tree limbs or trees. There’s no finer sight than a high energy Rainbow, Brown or Brookie keying in on a streamer in the fast greenish water this month. John offers guided fly fishing day trips to Fort Lewis Lodge guests on a number of area stream. He is experienced in guiding everyone from the novice fisherman to the advanced. Check out his web site or give him a call at 800-882-1145

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