Viewing the International Space Station…from Fort Lewis Lodge

Fort Lewis Lodge Night SkyWe hear it all the time.

From nearly every spot at Fort Lewis Lodge, on a clear night, the sky is alive. The stars shine unlike anything you see in a city, or even small suburban neighborhood.

It’s among the many, many things we love about Fort Lewis Lodge and this slice of land we have here, tucked in away from the hustle and bustle of life.

But there’s something else up there that we love to point out to our guests – the International Space Station.

Did you know that the International Space Station can be spotted with your naked eye alone? No squinting. No telescope. Just you…and looking up at just the right time.

According to the Astro Viewer at, “because of its size, it reflects very much sunlight. The best time to observe the International Space Station is when it is nighttime at your location, but the Space Station is sunlit. Such a situation occurs often in the morning before sunrise or in the evening after sunset.”

Before you arrive at Fort Lewis Lodge, or perhaps while you’re here, check out

You’ll be able to search your location to see when the next sighting opportunity will be. The list you typically get in your search results details “all visible passes of the International Space Station during the next 10 days.”

Look up at the right time while you’re here at Fort Lewis Lodge, and go home and tell your friends and family you saw more than just stars in our clear, night skies.


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