Fort Lewis Lodge Photo Contest

Thank you all for taking the time to share images of Fort Lewis Lodge from your trips here over the years during our Facebook contest last month. It’s great to see the place through your eyes. In case you  missed it, here’s a quick look at some of the great images that were submitted. Check out our Facebook page here to see them all!

Fort Lewis Lodge Buck's Bar

Everyone gets a drink at Buck’s Bar!

Fort Lewis Lodge

Arriving at Fort Lewis Lodge!

Cowpasture River at Fort Lewis Lodge

Memories and friends on the Cowpasture River at Fort Lewis Lodge.

Wedding at Fort Lewis Lodge

What a compliment for someone to choose to spend one of their most important days at Fort Lewis Lodge.

Dogs at Fort Lewis Lodge

A full family reunion at Fort Lewis Lodge

Fort Lewis Lodge

And the winning entry, which received the most votes on Facebook! A view of Fort Lewis Lodge from above.

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One Response to Fort Lewis Lodge Photo Contest

  1. Karen Summers says:

    FYI, maybe Pamela Minkler has already informed you, but I about “choked” when we got home and I saw my picture with the winning caption. I wish my photo would have won, but alas, it did not. Both our photos are taken from the Overlook Trail, but mine shows the surrounding countryside, whereas Pam’s is a close-up shot of FLL.
    Congrats, Pam!
    Karen Summers

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