Fort Lewis History

“Col. Charles Lewis, younger brother of Gen. Andrew Lewis, acquired 950 acres of land on the Cowpasture River in June 1750. Nearby, Fort Lewis, a small stockade, initially under the command of then Capt. Charles Lewis, was constructed by 1756 to guard the strategic pass of the Shenandoah Mountain. It was one in a series of forts authorized by the General Assembly to be built on the frontier to protect settlers during the French and Indian War. Fort Lewis existed at least until the end of the ware in 1763. The Lewis manor house is located close to where the fort once stood.”

-Department of Historic Resources

Landscape Fort Lewis LodgeCol. Lewis went on to die a hero’s death fighting the Shawnee, allies of the British, in the 1774 Battle of Point Pleasant, now widely regarded as the first conflict of the American Revolution. His vast 3,200-acre mountain farm, once known as “Fort Lewis Plantation,” has remained relatively unchanged over its 200 year history.

The fort is long gone now. Of course, at certain times of the year, when the grasses are really low, there are areas on the Fort Lewis Lodge property that look settled. The fort’s footprint, perhaps?

We tend to encourage each other to slow down. Stop and smell the roses. Would love for you to smell the ones here, and while you’re slowing down, as you pull onto the Fort Lewis Lodge lane, stop and read the sign. Walk around the property and look for those settled areas.

This place has a great history – even more so than the memories that you make each time you visit.

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  1. Carol says:

    Looking forward to our visit

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