8th Annual Sprint Triathlon

The Moomaw Madness Sprint Triathlon will be held at Lake Moomaw, just over the mountain from the Lodge, this Saturday, June 18th. The sprint triathlon distances are a 750 meter open water swim, a 20K bike loop, and a 5K run. Piece of cake. Right?

I’ve been on the race committee from the start and have competed in the race 6 times. This year I’m needed on land to assist all our loyal volunteers in their efforts to make sure that the race runs safely and smoothly.

Up to 350 participants will start to gather at 6:30 am in preparation for an 8 am start. Music and a great sense of anticipation fills the air as racers set up their bikes in the transition zone and prepare for the swim. It’s a sea of color and commotion.

A loud blast on an air horn signals the start of the first wave that is broken down by sex, age, and relay teams. Many racers are true competitors while others strive for a personal best. I’ve always been in the latter group but have fortunately been able to place in my age group. It’s thrilling to compete and a rewarding sense of accomplishment when it’s all over. If you are already in training I encourage you to sign up today. If not, just come to watch and then put it on your “to do” list for 2012. To register go to www.setupevents.com.

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